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By: Mark R. Malek

A client of mine just shared this video with me.  It is titled “Where Good Ideas Come From” which is an advertisement for the book by Steve Johnson.  Admittedly, I have not read the book yet, but I look forward to doing so.  Please enjoy the video:



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By: Mark R. Malek

In my previous article, I indicated that a patent is important to protect the rights of innovators and to encourage them to continue to innovate.  This is done by providing a patent holder with an exclusive right to exclude others from making, using, selling, or offering to sell the invention that is the subject matter of the patent.  This right is granted by the United States Government for a fixed period of time and finds its origins in the United States Constitution.  These rights are provided to the inventor in exchange for a full disclosure of the invention, which is published as public record for others in the field to learn from and, hopefully, improve upon.  This exchange of rights for information aims at promoting the progress of science by trying to remove the natural tendency to keep innovations a secret for competitive advantage.

The protection in a patent generally lies in the claims.  In other words, if the patent holder were to enforce their patent, the amount of protection provided to the patent owner is outlined in the scope of the claims.  If one were to compare a patent to real estate, the claims of a patent are comparable to the property description of the deed.  In the ideal scenario, the patent claims will carve out protection that is valuable to the inventor, i.e., define the invention in such a way that it is difficult to design around the protection granted in the patent.


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