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traklightTraklight, a cloud-based software startup headquartered in Phoenix, announced that they have raised $350,000 from private investors and others in angel funding. The company is planning to utilize the funding for expanding its nationwide sales and marketing efforts.

Traklight is subscription-based software start-up targeted to entrepreneurs, lawyers, and other professionals who have to protect intellectual property (IP). Mary Juetten, the CEO and founder of Traklight says that the intellectual property makes up over 80% of the small businesses’ valuation. Protecting and identifying the Intellectual Property can be the differentiator between success and failure, especially for startups.

Traklight is a one-of-its-kind startup which enables inventors and small companies to identify, register, store and protect their intellectual property by using a self-guided online questionnaire. The system creates a custom IP strategy with integrated secure file-sharing and storage, allowing entrepreneurs and small businesses to leverage their IP, all while saving time and legal fees. The company views law firms and IP attorneys as their indirect competitors. But still they are offering their services to them.


Cyber LawOver two decades have passed since the wide world web made its grand appearance into the homes of people everywhere. Of course, the government had already been dipping their hands in it for quite some time, but even they were not aware of the true potential within this animal. They were undoubtedly caught with their pants down as cyber crime (which was a new word to the world at that time) began to manifest, placing attacks on the government, businesses and in the homes of the everyday modern family.

There are many types of cyber crime. Here is a list of some that you may or may have not heard about.


blog word in wood typeIn this day and age where anyone can write a blog or put up a website many use images found on the internet to use to make their blog more interesting. Many times these bloggers or website owners will then be shut down after getting a threatening letter from an attorney over the use of these photos.

While we understand that a photographer should have some say-so in who or how his photos are used, here is the problem with this practice. Sites like Yahoo have many photos where anyone can go there, click on an image, download it to his/her computer and post it. Many times there is no credit given to the photographer when downloading the photo. Yet Yahoo has no liability here.

If it is unlawful to download these photos and Yahoo has them on their site, then shouldn’t they have some responsibility to make these images only available for a small fee or make it where they cannot be downloaded at all?


pinterestPinterest, the latest thing in social networking sites, could potentially pose major legal problems for individuals or businesses using this service. With the tremendous growth Pinterest has seen since its inception in 2010 (as of February 2013 the site had over 48 million users), it is just a matter of time before some companies may get into copyright or trademark trouble. The concept of Pinterest encourages users to share photos and categorize them on various boards. Legal problems could arise in the act of photo uploading and sharing. Users can grab photos from anywhere on the internet to “pin,” at this point the photo can then be pinned by any other user on the site.


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