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Melbourne Pickleball

Melbourne PickleballA paddle sport, Pickleball combines elements of badminton, table tennis and tennis into one game. This sport takes an oversized ping-pong ball, plays on the court the size of a badminton area with a net that is tennis-sized. The greatest thing about the sport is that it can be played by many ages and it has simple rules to follow.

The history behind Pickleball started on Bainbridge Island, WA in 1965 where it was co-created by Joel Pritchard and friends. It was developed as a new sport for the whole family to play. Some say its name came from a family dog by the name of “Pickles”, who liked to chase balls and hide them in the bushes. However, it’s been revealed by Pritchard’s family that the dog actually came after the game. The source of the name is more likely to have been derived from the water, or more specifically, rowing. The inventor’s family mentioned that this could be more of a reference to “pickle boats”, which are one of the slower moving vessels. The other thought here is that it could have been a nod to those oarsmen chosen from leftovers of other boats. Either way, the sport has a name that certainly captures its fun and catchy nature.

This sport is currently recognized not just here in the US, but internationally. The USAPA (United States of America Pickleball Association) has raised awareness for the game, and it is now popular worldwide. Pickleball can now be played every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 1:30-3:30pm at the Eau Gallie Civic Center (1551 Highland Avenue Melbourne, FL 32935). The cost is $1/person per day. If you prefer to sign up for an annual membership, the cost is $15 for residents or $18 for non-residents. For questions or more information, call (321) 255-4608 or visit here.

Local Orlando Halloween

Local Orlando HalloweenAs the weather begins to cool down just a little bit, the unofficial start to the holiday season is quickly approaching, Halloween. Candy is already being stocked in local supermarkets and costumes are popping up in stores all over. In just a couple weeks, confirming that fall has truly arrived, Universal Orlando’s “Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) 23” will be open for business. Running most weeks Thursday through Sunday beginning September 20th and lasting until November 2nd (check out the HHN official website for official dates), hundreds of thousands of guests are expected from around the world!

Named the “best in the business” by the Editor of Fangoria Magazine, Orlando transforms its movie theme park into haunted houses inspired by shows and video games like “The Walking Dead”, “Resident Evil”, and “Cabin in the Woods” with live shows such as “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure” and “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. There are videos on the HHN website previewing the haunted houses and they look absolutely terrifying, a great way to really get into the season! Rides like “Transformers,” “Revenge of the Mummy,” and “Men In Black Alien Attack” are also a part of the admission.


Tickets to this one of a kind Halloween experience comes in all different types of packages. General admission for a single night at HHN are $91.99 plus tax. If you buy a regular day time park ticket you can purchase an add on for HHN good for the same day as the daytime ticket. These add-ons run from $38.99 to $69.99 depending on the day of the week. The best deal by far is the Rush of Fear ticket. This ticket gets you into the park as many nights as you would like for the first three weeks of HHN for $72.99. There are a number of other packages like this one and all details can be found on the HHN website. Florida residents are also in luck with significant discounts, individual ticket prices starting at $42.99 and the other available packages are also much more affordable.

Awarded the Best Halloween Event Golden Ticket Award by Amusement Today from 2008 through 2012, it is not something you want to miss and with HHN running from 6pm to midnight every night they are open (the weekend prior to Halloween HHN is open until 2am), there is no reasons not to check it out! Grab some friends, take the quick trip to Orlando, and prepare to get a good scare!

Corduroy the Bear in Melbourne Florida

Corduroy the Bear in Melbourne FloridaBarnes & Noble, one of the largest book retail companies in the world, operates their retail stores more like community centers than bookstores. They want customers to stay awhile and enjoy all that their store has to offer and B&N has more to offer than just books.  Customers can enjoy food and beverage at their indoor café, learn about Nook HD and attend in-store events.

As a way to engage their customers, Barnes & Noble hosts several weekly events throughout each month.  A favorite event for parents and children is their storybook time called “Tales for Tots”.  During storybook time, children and parents gather in closely to listen as the storyteller reads from the pages of popular children’s books. 

This month on Saturday June 29th, the Barnes & Noble in Melbourne, FL has an extra special treat for the young children.  Corduroy is coming to the store!  The beloved teddy bear with the missing button in Don Freeman’s book is making a guest appearance at the store to read his story to the kiddos.  This is the perfect event for parents to bring their little ones.  Corduroy is happy to pose for pictures with his favorite young fans so parents are encouraged to bring their cameras with them.  

Barnes & Noble’s Tales for Tots story book time delivers a rewarding experience for young children while at the same time giving parents a chance to sit back and enjoy their coffee.  Along with Tales for Tots, Barnes & Noble also offers book club gatherings and Nook HD training sessions.  Be sure to check out their event calendar for upcoming events.

Crab Racing

Crab RacingNashville may have the Kentucky Derby, but here in Melbourne, FL we have the Crabtucky Derby.  The Crabtucky Derby is crab racing! The National Crab Racing Association organizes hermit crab races every Tuesday night at Crickets Spirits Sports and Food located at 1942 N. Wickham Road.  

Bar patrons can participate for free in the crab racing.  The first race begins at 6:30 p.m., with about 12 to 14 heat races total.  All participants have to do is select their crustacean from the aquarium and give their new buddy a name.  Each crab shell is marked in advance to avoid any confusion amongst competitors.  We don’t want to hear any “Hey that’s my crab, not yours!”  

Once the crabs are selected and receive their racing names it is off to the starting line for them.  In the Crabtucky Derby, the starting line is the center of a 6 foot racing ring.  Crabs are given a chance to warm up under their upside down salad bowl confinement.  Then it is race time!  The crabs scamper off in every direction.  Participants want their crab to cross the yellow marked ring first in order to win the heat.  The crab that wins is advanced into the championship round.  

The winner of the final championship race receives a sealed envelope, with an unknown cash prize inside.  Prize money ranges from $10 to $100 depending on what envelope is chosen.  Winners choose wisely!

Crab racing is a fun activity for all people over the age of 21 years old to enjoy. For more information about the Crabtucky Derby visit  We will leave the horses for Nashville, but crabs belong to Melbourne.