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Many contracts require the parties to participate in arbitration when there is a dispute. Arbitration would involve a neutral arbitrator to hear from both parties in a formal setting. The arbitrator would make a decision as to how the dispute is to be resolved. The decision by the arbitrator is binding and would be enforced in court.

If a contract does not require arbitration to resolve disputes, parties involved in a dispute can agree to voluntary, non-binding arbitration under Florida law. The decision by an arbitrator in a non-binding arbitration is not binding. Either party involved in non-binding arbitration may demand a trial. If a party demands a trial and receives a judgment in the suit that is less than the arbitration award, that party can be required to pay the other parties attorney fees and costs.

Widerman Malek, PL’s Attorney Ed Kinberg is a Qualified Arbitrator in the State of Florida who conducts both binding and non-binding arbitrations. Non-binding arbitrations are relatively informal and they can be a cost effective method for resolving a dispute.

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Widerman Malek, PL provides a full range of legal services for employers. The firm’s attorneys have substantial experience in the practice of employment law and litigation and have regularly advised employers in the following areas of state and federal employment law:
  • Employment discrimination and retaliation claims under Title VII, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Florida Civil Rights Act *
  • Maximum hour and minimum wage claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Florida Minimum Wage Act
  • Wage and hour claims involving the misclassification of workers on federal construction projects pursuant to the Davis-Bacon Act
  • Claims for medical leave under the Family Medical Leave Act
  • Worker Adjustment and Retraining and Notification Act (WARN Act) compliance
  • State and federal whistleblower and retaliation claims
  • Unemployment compensation appeals before the State of Florida Reemployment Assistance Appeals Commission
  • Negotiation, enforcement and defense of employment contracts
  • Drafting, enforcement and defense of trade secret agreements
  • Drafting, enforcement and defense of non-compete, non-disclosure, and non-solicitation agreements
  • Matters related to employee counseling, discipline and termination
  • Drafting of separation/termination agreements and offers of severance
  • Drafting and/or review of employee handbooks and employer policies and procedures
  *Widerman Malek, PL represents employers in claims of discrimination made by employees in both the administrative/investigative (EEOC) phase and litigation phase, should a need arise.

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Widerman Malek, PL represents clients with government contract disputes and bid protests as well as clients with issues involving contract formation, interpreting terms and conditions, preparing and submitting claims and litigating complex disputes before Federal and State Courts, Boards of Contact Appeals and the Government Accountability Office (GAO). Our Government Contracts Law and Litigation practice area includes:
  • Terms and Conditions of Requests for Proposals or Invitation for Bids
  • Size and Status Protests
  • Bid Protests
  • Contract Terms and Conditions
  • Changes, Claims and Disputes
  • Changes, Claims and Disputes
  • Suspension and Debarment
  • False Claims/QuiTam Defense
  • Teaming and Joint Venture Agreements
  • SBA Size and Status Protests
  If you have questions or concerns about pursuing a government contract claim, or if your company has been rejected in the bid process, then please contact an experienced government contract attorney here.

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Guardianships are legal proceedings involving the appointment of a guardian to exercise the legal rights of an incapacitated individual, whether an adult or minor child. Less restrictive means of intervention and other options are also available for those in need of additional care. We offer comprehensive legal services which allow us to counsel clients who believe a guardianship may be necessary for an individual, clients who wish to contest an appointment of a guardian for themselves or others, and clients who believe a guardian is acting improperly.

Please visit our Guardianship FAQ for more information.

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Health Care Law

More than ever before, the health care industry is among the most highly regulated and complex industries, with extraordinary legal risks and opportunities for health care providers. Our firm offers providers with a broad range of legal services, including provider contracting; compliance with federal and state health care laws and regulations, including Stark Anti-Kickback legislation; risk management; facility construction issues; the acquisition and sale of health care facilities and practices; HIPAA and EMTALA compliance; medical records issues; billing and collection issues, including hospital liens; exclusive professional service agreements; clinical trial and research issues; Joint Commission compliance and many others.

Whether representing a regional hospital system, an individual physician’s practice, or an assisted living facility, Widerman Malek, PL brings a wide range of experience in this important industry.