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Widerman Malek, PL’s law firm was well represented at The International Drone Conference and Exposition (InterDrone) in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 7- 9th. Widerman Malek’s Unmanned Aerial Systems/Drone law group provided a table and information for attendees. The table was manned by Managing Partner, Attorney Mark Malek, Attorney Kelly Swartz and Attorney Ed Kinberg. Attorneys Swartz and Kinberg also spoke on Business Law for UAS/Drone Companies. The Exposition was attended by approximately 3500 companies and individuals from around the U.S. and 50 foreign countries hoping to get a jump start in this rapidly growing industry.

Attorneys Kelly Swartz and Ed Kinberg, founders of the Unmanned Systems Group at Widerman Malek, presented a CLE to local attorneys with the Brevard Bar Association on “Drone/Quadcopter Recreational and Commercial Use: What You Need to Know.” This CLE was held on August 25th at The Brevard Law Library. Issues discussed were Liability, Best Practices, Florida Statue 934.50, FAA Regulations and Section 333.

Kelly Swartz speaking at the Brevard Law Library

Kelly Swartz Speaking at the Brevard Law Library

Ed Kinberg speaking at the Brevard Law Library

Ed Kinberg Speaking at the Brevard Law Library

On August 24th, Space Coast Women in Defense hosted a panel discussion on, “Unmanned Vehicles – Drones and the Impact on You and Your Business.” Attorneys Ed Kinberg and Kelly Swartz participated on the panel. Kelly Swartz, an Intellectual Property attorney, is the Director of Widerman Malek’s Unmanned Systems Group, and Ed Kinberg is an Administrative and Regulatory Law attorney for the group. The panel discussion was well attended and there was much discussion on the pros and cons regarding unmanned vehicles.

uas panel speaking

Speaking are Kelly Swartz, Grant Bagley, Ed Kinberg, and Alex Penalta

ed kinberg speaking on drones

Ed Kinberg Speaking on Drones

kelly swartz speaking on drones

Kelly Swartz Speaking on Drones

Attendees listening Attentively as Grant Bagley Speaks


The Widerman Malek, PL UAS/Drone law group provides legal assistance to companies providing products and services in the rapidly growing area of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), commonly known as drones. Our UAS/Drone law group provides individuals and businesses with advice and assistance related to the commercial and recreational use of drones. Our attorneys are available to assist recreational drone and small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) operators navigate and comply with the evolving and complex rules established by the Federal Aviation Administration. We help businesses obtain the “Section 333” exemptions that are required for all commercial UAS use. We work with businesses to develop contracts related to the operations of drones. And we provide guidance and advice regarding compliance with the laws and regulations controlling the use of an UAS for commercial and recreational purposes. Under current FAA regulations, released in late 2015, all drones over 0.55 pounds (250 grams) are required to be registered and operated in strict compliance with new FAA rules. Individuals and businesses failing to comply may face civil and criminal penalties, including fines up to $250,000.00. The members of the group include Attorney Scott Widerman, a licensed pilot experienced with FAA rules and regulations; Attorney Ed Kinberg, an administrative and regulatory lawyer with over 30 years of experience in solving challenging issues involving federal agencies, and Attorney Kelly G. Swartz, a patent attorney with a computer engineering background and experience with autonomous vehicles. Visit the UAS/Drone FAQ page for more information. Download UAS/Drone Operator’s Compliance Statement

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