Attorneys Mark Warzecha and Mark Malek of Widerman Malek, P.L., recently participated on a panel discussing intellectual property considerations for a global product launch.  The speech was held at the Primerus Business and International Convocation in Miami.   The panel covered which intellectual property issues are essential in an international product launch to protect the intellectual property associated with the goods/services.

Warzecha discussed how to avoid the top mistakes encountered by companies involved with a global product launch including key points such as in which countries should a trademark be filed in, whether the mark is registerable/what makes a product name a good one, how to navigate potential problems with foreign translation, and whether the mark should be owned by the parent or foreign subsidiary.

Malek discussed international patent issues and how a firm like Widerman Malek guides companies through the process of obtaining patents in the U.S. and foreign markets and how to best protect the product’s intellectual property components.

Overall, the panel was an incredible resource explaining intellectual property protection in both domestic and foreign markets.