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Australia Takes a Relaxed Approach to Drone Laws

Australian flag.Let’s face it, drones are everywhere today. They can be seen flying over parks, moving through communities throughout the world and taking video footage of everything and anything along the way. They are very accessible in Australia and the Australian government was having a hard time regulating and enforcing laws around a technology that is just so accessible. It’s easy for anyone to head to the local store and pick up a drone for personal use. That’s why the Australian government recently loosened laws around private drone usage in the country.

Lightweight Drones are Free

Any drone under the weight of 2KG does not need to be licensed and is not regulated in Australia. That means that a large number of private-use drones are now free for use in just about any way that you want to use them.

That means that you can easily head to the store, pick up a drone and start flying it around that same day. There’s no worrying about paying to register the thing, or waiting to be approved to fly it around like you have to do in other countries.

Mid-Weight Drones

People are free to use mid-weight drones under the weight of 25KG without registration or much limitation as long as those drones are used for sport or recreational purposes or if they are flown over private land. This makes it easy to purchase most drones without issue, and allows people to make use of just about any drone that you can find on the market today easily.

Privacy Concerns

In all the legislation released by the Australian government, there isn’t much saying that you have to respect other people’s privacy while flying drones around. In fact, there isn’t really any legislation at all that says that. That means owners are free to hover over a neighbor’s home and collect all the footage that they would like. There will likely be laws surrounding privacy in the future, but for the moment it’s pretty much a free-for-all in Australia when it comes to drones.

Australia currently has one of the most relaxed set of drone laws of any country, which means it’s a good place to be a drone owner. It’s likely that this relaxed approach to laws won’t remain forever, but for now, if you live in Australia, you can use drones without fear and with confidence that you won’t be breaking any laws in the process.

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