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Buckling down on Copyright Infringement

Green copyright symbolStealing someone’s works of art and calling them your own is illegal. Even written works can be stolen and sometimes plagiarized into another piece of work and then sold. These situations are frowned upon in companies and the court room.

A Florida couple is being sued for using 12 photographs originally taken by Getty. These photographs consisted of dogs and cats. They were used illegally by the Florida couple in their business which is a home-based company featuring website design. “Vet Web Designers” is the name they were using to provide veterinary clinics and veterinarians with entertaining and interactive websites.

A default judgment, a judgment made in the event that the defendants fail to defend their side of the story, was made on behalf of Getty. Due to liability being established through this default judgment, the courts could then move on to awarding damages. $21,433 in damages was ordered by the court for the Florida couple to pay back to the owner of the photographs used. This amount was to cover the ten images that were used that Getty had failed to register in a timely manner. However, there were two images that were used that Getty had registered, netting them $300,000 for the infringement act.

This was a very hard hit for the Florida couple. They were made to pay compensation in a total amount of $321,433.00 for using only 12 images that were owned by another individual. Even though this may seem like an outrageous amount of money for images that can easily be copied and used online, it is the principle behind the matter that counts.

Copyright infringement can happen to anyone. Some people do not realize that their works have been used throughout online websites or publication. It is always advised that if you have images, works, or artwork that you feel is uniquely yours, you should register for a patent, trademark, or copyright. This protects your work from being used against your will and in the event that it has been used, you are able to file a lawsuit against the user if not given permission.

If you or a loved one has recently experienced infringement, you may have a solid case. Contact a local professional who specializes in patent laws and they will be able to assist you in creating a solid case and following through the court procedures. If you are unsure whether or not you have a case, a professional can help determine your side and your grounds for a claim.