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Ensure Proper Service of Process to Avoid Unnecessary Frustration in Court

One of the basic tenets of our judicial system is that someone cannot be sued unless they have been advised of the lawsuit so they may have the opportunity to appear in court and defend themselves.  Although there are some exceptions to the general rule—such as service by publication when a defendant cannot be found—for […]

The Rules of Evidence: Hearsay and Its Exceptions

If you are considering filing a lawsuit against someone you have probably already started to plan your strategy: how you will convince the judge (or jury, depending on whether it is a bench trial or not) that you have been wronged and should be compensated for the injury that you have suffered.  During the course […]

How Litigation Cases Are Formed

Litigation cases are where a lawsuit was the only option after exhausting the other legal options regarding a dispute. Litigation cases can come in many forms such as an eviction proceeding or an automobile accident. There can be several outcomes of a litigation case, but most of them do not see the inside of a […]

Can the Court Hear Your Case? The Question of Jurisdiction

If you intend to sue someone who has wronged you, you don’t want to go through the expense and hassle of filing a lawsuit only to have it thrown out because the court doesn’t have jurisdiction.  As such, it’s good to know about jurisdiction and how it affects you before you get to the point […]

Real or TV Law?

It is very surprising that many people still believe what they see on TV.  We can see doctors operating, police officers fighting crime and lawyers presenting those cases in court.  Law and Order is probably one of the most watched series of shows on TV.  It’s also interesting in that it starts with the crime […]

What Is Litigation?

There are many legal terms used in the judicial system that you might not be familiar with.  When becoming part of the judicial system, it helps to understand these terms to make your journey through the process easier to follow.  Most everyone knows some of the basic terms; judge, defendant, complainant, jury and verdict.  And […]

What To Expect During Litigation

Going to court might make some people shake in their boots.  It seems intimidating.  The language seems complicated and confusing.  The process is overwhelming unless you break it down into understandable steps.  Here is an overview of how a lawsuit starts, goes to court and is resolved. When first realizing you have a claim against […]

What Happens in a General Litigation Process?

Litigation is the term used to describe the process of legal proceedings to settle a dispute between two parties.  In the state of Florida, most general litigation cases are able to settle outside of court.  However, in the event both parties cannot agree the case will then be determined in court.  If you need a […]

Discrimination in the Work Place

Many people have experienced discrimination in the workplace.  Some feel race or sex holds them back from certain jobs or promotions.  Certain professions have historically been thought of as male oriented professions; such as police and firemen.  Females have increasingly been moving through the ranks of both professions.  Even though there are laws against discrimination […]

Could You File a Toxic Mold Claim?

There has been much concern over toxic mold and the serious health concerns that they present over the years.  Most molds are actually pretty harmless, but in warm, humid weather like Florida, toxic molds can grow to dangerous levels.  Some of these molds can be found in your home and can cause devastating health complications.  […]

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