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Divorce Laws in Florida

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life.  No one ever thinks their marriage won’t last forever.  Yet the divorce rate in the United States is approximately 50% of all marriages.  With this type of statistic, odds are if your marriage isn’t in trouble, you know a few that are.  Every […]

Common Law Marriages

Through the years, many people have claimed they had been in a “common law” marriage.  This claim normally occurs during a break-up or a death of the other partner.  The person claiming this “common law” marriage status is usually looking for compensation or an equitable division of property.  Just what is a “common law” marriage […]

Changes in Marital Law in Florida

It is not uncommon for states to change laws as circumstances merit.  As society sees a need for change, it’s up to each state to determine its stance on the law that governs that area.  Marital law is no different.  Over the years Florida has changed its legal view on several laws.  Here is a […]

Common Law marriages and wills

Relationships are confusing.  It’s difficult enough to keep on going these days without worrying about any legal situations in a relationship.  Before the 1960’s it seemed the “normal” relationship for males and females was marriage.  Living together was not considered legal.  As laws relaxed regarding cohabitation, many couples opted to live together prior to making […]

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