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Light Saber Choreography and Fight Companies Infringe on LucasFim

Star Wars has been popular for over three decades now, and with the latest movies coming out in the past few years, it’s no wonder that people are trying to cash in on them as much as possible. There’s still a strong following for the Star Wars movies, and there are a bunch of companies […]

How Intellectual Property Laws Help Make Athletes More Effective

While it might sound a bit out there, intellectual property laws are part of what helps athletes improve. Athletes rely on technology and tools just as much as the next person, and some of the created technologies available make them better than they were before. For this reason, most athletes have been improved thanks to […]

Basic Definitions of Terms in a Licensing Agreement

Many people believe that they understand certain words when in legal documents they could be used in another manner. Understanding legal definitions has been the downfall of several documents as many parties will sign them and believe that they understand entirely. With a licensing agreement, that could be a very costly mistake. Many who create […]

The Legal Benefits of a Copyright

You have a website; it is your pride and joy and you cannot wait until others see it. What happens next is not what you anticipated, however. You get it out the public and start advertising it like crazy so that your business takes off in an upward fashion, yet all of a sudden you […]

Can you Protect your Ideas with a Patent?

You have come up with an incredible idea and you cannot wait to share it with the world. Before you do, though, you want to patent it so no one steals your idea from under your feet and becomes the millionaire you were supposed to be. Unfortunately, until your idea becomes a concrete concept that […]

The Disputed Tattoo

Who do you think was the first person to tattoo a picture of a voluptuous girl on the arm of a sailor?  I don’t believe that fact is known.  If it was, do you think the original tattoo artist would claim the rights to that tattoo?  Do you think the image was copyrighted?  Back when […]

Barbies and Bratz

Most little girls have a doll or two during their childhood.  Some like the baby doll types and others like to play grown up with an older doll.  The most famous of these older dolls is Barbie.  Barbie has been around for generations and the name evokes images of long blond hair, blue eyes with […]

Do I Need Intellectual Property Protection?

Intellectual property law has been around for well over two hundred years.   It has been added to and rewritten in efforts to keep up with the changing times.  The internet forever changed the way material is published.  To protect your original works, you need intellectual property protection.  The good news is that it may be […]

Obtaining a Legal Copyright and what it Does not Protect

Copyright laws have evolved over the years since they were first enacted in 1970.  However, the same basic principle of legal protection for owners of written material is still the same.  And yet there are many aspects of personal creation that are not protected under Copyright laws. Copyright 101 You do not have to register […]

What you can learn through copyright infringement cases

  Throughout the time sine copyright laws have been in effect, there have been many cases claiming a violation of a copyright.  The first thing to understand about copyrights is that they are laws protecting the artistic creation of someone.  This would include books, paintings, photographs and songs, to name a few.  Sometimes the violation […]

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