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When a video is taken down off YouTube

Have you ever heard of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)?  This Act was passed in 1998 and addresses copyright infringements on the internet.  The Act was intended to stop those who would circumvent the normal measures to be granted the rights to disseminate something online.  Everyday there are millions of people posting photos, quotes, […]

The fight over the Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is one of the most well-known stories around.  Dorothy and Toto are known to many generations throughout the world.  It’s difficult to imagine, but The Wizard of Oz was once the center of a trademark battle in court. The story “The Wonderful Wizard of OZ” was written by L. Frank Baum […]

Social Media and copyright laws

In today’s fascination with social media and posting videos featuring individuals performing all sorts of things, copyright laws have become a hot topic. For example, log on to YouTube and there are millions of hopeful stars doing their version of their favorite artist’s song. As flattering as this may be, is it a copyright infringement? […]

Do you need a trademark, a patent or a copyright?

Are you an inventor?  Do you always try and come up with a better way to do something?  Or maybe you are creative and enjoy writing or photography.  Whatever your interest is, if you are creating something, tangible or intangible, you will want to protect it from others cashing in on your work.  The problem […]

A copyright for music that may also pertain to cars

Copyrights are primarily used to protect creative ventures like music, books, paintings and the such.  So reading that there may be a copyright law protecting music that also protects cars is interesting to say the least.  What would be the connection between the two? Have you ever heard of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of […]

Shorter Copyright Lengths for Written Works?

Authors are currently up in arms about a proposed change in copyright law that would shorten the length of copyright to a meager 14 years. This proposal, included as part of the group’s manifesto for the next Parliament, comes from the Green Party of the United Kingdom, who contend that in order to achieve their […]

Why Is It Essential To Have A Copyright?

A copyright is an exclusive and legitimate right that is given to a creator or author to write, print, publish, film, record or perform any musical, literary, or artistic content or material. It also gives a person, party or entity legal ownership of any work they produce.  A copyright is a federal law in the […]

Intellectual Property Laws and Musicians

Musicians can slog away for months in order to write a good song and then compose the music for it. It is indeed an incredibly emotionally draining exercise that can hardly be comprehended by anyone who has never worked in that industry and considering the competition for being at the top of the charts, one […]

Intellectual Property and Writers

Have you ever seen the best-selling works of famous authors finding their way on to the internet? Surely you have seen such copies and while it is great for a reader to devour a book without paying anything for it, it is the author who ends up losing substantially on his royalty payments. If the […]

A War of Words

Legal disputes over intellectual property can get pretty dicey; particularly when one of the parties has made boatloads of money with the product in question. Take The Da Vinci Code case for instance, officially known as Baigent & Leigh v Random House Group Ltd. In 2003, bestselling author Dan Brown penned The Da Vinci Code. […]

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