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New Laws Make Agricultural Drone Use More Difficult

Farmers have been using drones since they first came out, but recent legislation in the United States is making it more  difficult for these farmers to make use of the drones that they might already own. New laws increase the restrictions on farmers, and also require them to go through a licensing process and to […]

US Drone Laws are Changing Fast: Try to Keep up

Drones are all over the United States, and they are becoming more popular each and every year. That’s exactly why legislators are working so hard to come up with effective laws to protect privacy, keep aircraft safe and allow businesses to make full use of this amazing technology. A lot of changes have happened in […]

Minnesota Man Fined $55,000 for Flying Drones Inappropriately

Flying drones around has now become a scary action that could result in pretty serious fines when you do so in the United States, or at least that’s how it seems from one man’s recent experience. He was doing his friend a favor and taking some aerial photos of an event, and is now being […]

Canada Tries to Figure out Drone Regulation

Governments around the world are struggling to deal with drones and how to govern them. They are much different than the aircraft of old, and are frequently being used for surveillance and photography purposes, which can easily infringe on the privacy of other people. Canadian government officials have been struggling with how to manage drones, […]

Uber Advertises Over Mexico City Using Fleet of Drones

Mexico City has a really serious problem with air pollution. The smog levels are climbing to heights so great that the volcanoes in the background are no longer visible. The city is taking initiatives all the time to try and improve the issue, but there are still too many drivers out on the road today. […]

Drone Laws Must Be Applied Carefully Urges Senator Frank Simpson

There is a lot of concern over drones and aircraft safety as well as privacy issues. People are worried about being spied on by drones, and they don’t like people flying over their homes with devices that could be equipped with recorders and other video equipment. That said, the senate is being cautious about how […]

Australia Takes a Relaxed Approach to Drone Laws

Let’s face it, drones are everywhere today. They can be seen flying over parks, moving through communities throughout the world and taking video footage of everything and anything along the way. They are very accessible in Australia and the Australian government was having a hard time regulating and enforcing laws around a technology that is […]

Man Shoots Down Drone, Case Still Undecided

Recently a roofer was flying his drone around town, taking a look at the sights, when his drone was blasted out of the sky. The man that did the shooting alleges that the drone was spying on his 16 year old daughter that was sunbathing at the time, while the roofer argues that that simply […]

Drones Must Be Kept Out of Critical Infrastructural Locations

Corporate Espionage is a very real problem throughout the United States, and sometimes that comes in the form of drone footage these days. Not only that, but some people are monitoring the power companies and other major organizations like schools for surveillance purposes. That’s why Tennessee releases SB 2106, a bill that makes it illegal […]

Kansas Now has Harassment Law for Drone Operators

Drones are pretty cool devices and they are being picked up for a range of reasons by companies and individuals alike, but what happens when they are used to get views of people that invade their privacy? Is it harassment? Are the pilots of the devices breaking the law? These are the questions that states […]

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