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Widerman Malek Crew At A Manatees Game

How do you beat the Florida heat?  Head to a Manatees Baseball game with friends and family!    Scott Widerman & Mark Malek Kelly Swartz Eric Hostetler & Mason Williams SURPRISE!

Real Estate Contracts 101

By: Ness Chakir, Esq. Are you buying or selling real estate in Florida? If so, all the terms of deal will be set forth in a written contract governed by Florida law.  Buyers and sellers have the ability to use an already written up contract that has been approved by the Florida Association of Realtors® […]

The National Will Registry—Help For Families Who Can’t Find The Original Last Will And Testament Following Death

The majority of Americans do not have an estate plan, though they may be aware of the importance of preparing for that one sure thing in life.  For many who have taken the time to deal with such a serious matter and create an estate plan, another problem commonly arises.  The surviving loved ones often […]

Wa Wa and the Attack on Small Business

By Charles P. Castellon, Esq. © 2015, All Rights Reserved. Small business has long been the heart of our nation’s economy.  For years, however, giant national and global companies have taken a greater market share and made it more difficult for mom and pop businesses to survive.  We’ve all seen independent retailers and hardware stores […]

Foreclosure Alternatives and their Effect on Credit

Real Estate Investor Subscription Services

Widerman Malek Celebration Law Office is extremely excited to announce our new CPC Real Estate Investor Subscription Services Benefits include but are not limited to: Having a real estate attorney on call for answers and advice Peace of mind that comes from avoiding liability One-stop shop for all your real estate & title needs Access to […]

“Specialty” Credit Reports: The Other Consumer Reporting Agencies Selling your Information

Everyone knows they have a credit score and most have an understanding that there are “major” credit reporting agencies that create credit reports from which these scores are derived. What many do not know is that there are speciality reporting agencies that exist, gathering different types of data and providing more narrow information. These specialized reports […]

What you should know when you fall behind on your mortgage – Florida Foreclosure

Attorney Charles Castellon of Widerman Malek Celebration Law Office answers a frequently asked question: What happens when you fall behind on your mortgage in Florida?

About Bank of America’s Recent Settlement with the Department of Justice

Much written about the glaring lack of criminal prosecutions against leaders of the lending industry and the titans of Wall Street for their widespread fraud in the selling of mortgage-backed securities.  This wildly lucrative collaboration created the historical financial crisis from which the world is still recovering.  The feds have, however, brought some civil actions […]

Indications that Foreclosure Woes are not Over – HELOC Resetting and the Depletion of Savings

Foreclosures down from peak numbers, but there are signs foreclosures may spike again. There is no doubt that foreclosure cases are far down from peak numbers during the crisis.  The economy has improved, although at a painfully slow pace.  The real estate market has rebounded generally and there are even hot markets throughout Florida, fueled […]

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