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Could You File a Toxic Mold Claim?

Mold on the ceilingThere has been much concern over toxic mold and the serious health concerns that they present over the years.  Most molds are actually pretty harmless, but in warm, humid weather like Florida, toxic molds can grow to dangerous levels.  Some of these molds can be found in your home and can cause devastating health complications.  If you have been exposed to toxic mold and have suffered health problems you could receive compensation through toxic tort litigation.

Toxic Tort Litigation

Toxic tort is the legal acknowledgment of harm resulting from wrongful exposure to harmful substances through inhalation, ingestion or skin absorption.  Toxic molds fall under this personal injury category.  It is quite rare for there to be only one victim.  Whether a rented home was found to have a toxic mold that the landlord was negligent to take care of, exposing an entire family or a warehouse exposes multiple workers to the harmful toxic mold conditions.  Compensation can be awarded for medical expenses, losses, and mold remediation (the removal of the mold).

Types of Toxic Mold

There are generally only two main types of toxic mold found in households and workplaces that can cause health problems.  These two molds are Memnoniella and Stachybotrys.  There are other less common, but equally toxic molds:

–          Fusarium

–          Penicillium

–          Aspergillus

–          Paecilomyces

Health Concerns Caused by Toxic Molds

More often than not, individuals affected the most by toxic molds are the very young and the very old.  Individuals with asthma and allergy concerns and impaired immune systems are also most susceptible.  Depending on the mold, health concerns range from annoying to fatal diseases:

–          Fever

–          Skin rashes

–          Lung infections

–          Headaches

–          Abdominal pains

–          Diarrhea

–          Asthma complications

–          Idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage

The longer the exposure the worse symptoms usually become.

Idiopathic Pulmonary Hemorrhage

This fatal disease is a result of the Stachybotrys mold found in infants less than one year old.  It causes respiratory distress and as the name suggests, bleeding in the lungs.  Bleeding may become severe and result in loss of life.  If someone you know has died as a result of Stachybotrys idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage, you may also be entitled to wrongful death compensation.

Toxic substances can be difficult to prove and evidence does need to be gathered while at the same time your safety ensured.  An attorney can help you know your options and how to best prepare your case.  If you have been exposed to harmful toxic molds, let an attorney take a look at your case.

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