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Drones can be Used for Business in Texas Safely

UAV drone flying outdoor.Drones are a major help in a variety of business situations, but mainly when surveillance is needed for inspection purposes. Imagine having to take a look at the roof of a 100-foot-tall building, or examining one of the walls that the tenant believes has a leak. This is a huge task by traditional means and would generally mean obtaining a massive ladder and sending up a professional to take a look. That’s no longer an issue when you have a drone at your disposal. Instead, you can send the little guy up in the air and get a detailed look of the location in just a matter of moments. You don’t need a ladder, you don’t need to risk the life of a professional and you can get the job done faster. It’s a win for everyone, right? Wrong. According to some people drones are infringing on their personal space and privacy. Many states are making it difficult for businesses to do inspections by drone unless they are in a remote area. This isn’t the case in Texas. The state made it legal for businesses to obtain this information using a drone within reason.

The Texas Law
HB 2167 makes it legal for businesses to rely on drones to obtain the information and photos they need for business purposes. The only catch is that any person that is captured by the device must be indistinguishable. If you can tell who the person is then you have a real problem with the video. That means that the company must blur out the people in the images and videos, or they must shoot from pretty far away to make sure that nobody can really be identified.

Speed Up Surveillance and Real Estate Photography
Whether you run an inspection company or you are taking pictures for a local realtor, you’ll enjoy being able to use a drone to get the job done. This technology makes the task quick and easy to do, and it’s something that you can simply pull out and put to work right away. You’ll spend minutes when you would have spent hours, and you’ll get even better results in many instances.

Drones are being used for industries all over the world, and thanks to careful regulation by the state and federal government, it’s possible to use this technology without infringing on the privacy of people too much. Sure, there is always going to be complaints around it, but as long as people are following the laws, there shouldn’t be too many issues around drones.

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