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For many aging adults, planning for the future can seem like a worrisome prospect given the needs of today’s society. Our needs may change as we grow older, along with a lifestyle that evolves. However, this doesn’t mean that our needs reduce with age, rather they could increase gradually or instantaneously. Therefore, an experienced Elder Law attorney who understands and anticipates all of the possible issues you and your family may encounter in life is very important.

Widerman Malek assists clients in all life stages with creating a comprehensive legal and financial strategy that provides for you and your loved ones. Our compassionate and knowledgeable Elder Law team helps you plan for what will happen if you become incapable of taking care of yourself due to the challenges of aging. An Elder Law attorney is your legal advocate who takes care of your special needs and provides all the support necessary to make life easier for you as you age. At Widerman Malek, our team assists you in properly planning your legal, personal and financial affairs with a focus on protecting your hard-earned assets so as not to lose all your wealth to long-term care costs.

Elder Law issues Widerman Malek assists our clients with include:

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