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Elizabeth Warren and the Equal Employment for All Act – What this says about the importance of credit

Senator Elizabeth Warren and a group of fellow Senators, introduced a bill February of this year that would amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act to prevent employers from requiring prospective employees to disclose their credit history. It would also prevent employers from refusing applicants based on a bad credit rating. The prospects of the bill passing is a separate conversation, but what cannot be denied is a recognition by consumer advocates in the Senate that more employers today are using people’s credit ratings as a criteria for hiring. I would argue (and Ms. Warren and her fellow Senators introducing the Bill will agree) that a person’s credit has no bearing on their ability to do a job.

Regardless of your position on this issue or feelings towards these Senators, this Bill reinforces the importance of a  person’s credit and how prevalent it’s use has become. If you’d like to discuss your credit and how you can be proactive in managing it, contact John Crone ( We are always happy to educate people on this subject, regardless of whether they become a client or not.

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