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How About Clothing That Alerts You of Things You Forget?

Clothes hang on a shelf in  designer clothes storeAnother type of clothing material, that is being considered one of the smartest fabrics out there is currently being developed and designed for users. Made with numerous wearable sensors, these clothing items are able to help the person do many different things and alerts them when they forget one thing or another. The fabric was developed to help those that are becoming forgetful, since the material will learn more about the person with each and every time they wear the items.

The Patent

The patent that is being accepted is going to revolutionize the way that people are able to remember things when they’re wearing the clothing. This is a type of clothing that has been made to ensure that the wearer gets additional benefits from it. The patent has gone through after extensive research and attention to detail regarding the clothing being provided. It could mean a big change for those out there searching for a change in the way they remember.

The sensors are built right into the lightweight, form fitting clothing and can let the wearer know when they forget something. Whether it is their cell phone, keys, deodorant or any other item. The clothes are able to fit to the person and read their bodily responses, as well as other actions and items that the person would normally have on them. When something changes, the clothing, then lets them know what it is that is causing the issue.

The General Layout

The layout of the clothing is essential when it comes to providing it to those that are looking for a way to regain their memory through the use of the clothing. Many different types, styles and sizes are being provided to everyone that is looking for the best fit, with the right style and everything else. It reads the person’s hormone, stress and other bodily changes that would happen throughout the day that the clothing can pick up.

Whether or not this clothing is going to make its way through the markets, and be sold to those that are suffering from mental forgetfulness disorders is still up for debate. As for right now, the patent has gone through and the clothing line is still being developed to ensure that you are provided the right product, and that essential testing is being done to ensure that the proper care is taken to have the clothing work the correct way.

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