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How to Compose a Power of Attorney

Durable Power of Attorney HealthInstead of waiting until it is too late, sit down and decide to compose your very own power of attorney. You can not only save yourself a lot of hardship in the future if ever something immobilizing was to happen to you, but you will also be protecting your finances and assets by putting someone in charge whom you trust and who will make decisions based on what you want to the best of their ability.

Although not concrete, here are a few steps to take in helping to compose your very own power of attorney. Please note that at any time you feel overwhelmed or that you are doing this incorrectly, you can hire an attorney to help create your document and instruct you with further information regarding a power of attorney.

Choose Your Agent Wisely: Choosing this person can be difficult if you have no one in mind or a lot of people in mind. Some people may be able to handle finances better than you while others don’t make the cut for providing sound mind to your estate. Assigning a person as your power of attorney, or agent, should be done with careful consideration and discussion between the parties in mind.

Research State Specific Requirements: Each state can be similar but different in how they handle certain documents, including a power of attorney. Be sure to research your specific state to obtain information on requirements for filing a power of attorney. This is another situation where an attorney can help mainstream the composure process.

Obtain the Proper Forms: Although you do not have to have a government issued document filled out in order to submit a power of attorney it is recommended. This way nothing is left out of the document that could be critical to your sustainability.

Complete the Document: With the person or agent that you choose as your power of attorney, sit down and delegate exactly what they will be handling in case of your absence. This will help specify what lines that cannot be crossed and how you want your finances and medical treatment handled. Completing this document can be done so in front of an attorney or witnesses to help meet state requirements.

Notarization: The courts will not notice a document that has not been signed by witnesses and properly notarized by a notary. The easiest way to overcome this obstacle is to sign the document, with the chosen agent, and witnesses, in front of a notary and have them give it their stamp of approval.