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I Bet My Crab is Faster than Yours

Crab RacingNashville may have the Kentucky Derby, but here in Melbourne, FL we have the Crabtucky Derby.  The Crabtucky Derby is crab racing! The National Crab Racing Association organizes hermit crab races every Tuesday night at Crickets Spirits Sports and Food located at 1942 N. Wickham Road.  

Bar patrons can participate for free in the crab racing.  The first race begins at 6:30 p.m., with about 12 to 14 heat races total.  All participants have to do is select their crustacean from the aquarium and give their new buddy a name.  Each crab shell is marked in advance to avoid any confusion amongst competitors.  We don’t want to hear any “Hey that’s my crab, not yours!”  

Once the crabs are selected and receive their racing names it is off to the starting line for them.  In the Crabtucky Derby, the starting line is the center of a 6 foot racing ring.  Crabs are given a chance to warm up under their upside down salad bowl confinement.  Then it is race time!  The crabs scamper off in every direction.  Participants want their crab to cross the yellow marked ring first in order to win the heat.  The crab that wins is advanced into the championship round.  

The winner of the final championship race receives a sealed envelope, with an unknown cash prize inside.  Prize money ranges from $10 to $100 depending on what envelope is chosen.  Winners choose wisely!

Crab racing is a fun activity for all people over the age of 21 years old to enjoy. For more information about the Crabtucky Derby visit  We will leave the horses for Nashville, but crabs belong to Melbourne.  

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