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Why Hire a Licensed Immigration Lawyer |  Part I

Foreign nationals, both non-immigrants and immigrants, in Florida and around the country face many hurdles in applying for immigration benefits in the U.S. The first important decision many foreign nationals must decide upon is whether to:

  • Self-file immigration paperwork
  • To hire a licensed immigration lawyer
  • To hire a nonlawyer (unlicensed representative)

 However, foreign nationals should always consult with and hire an experienced, licensed, and reputable immigration lawyer because there are many potential issues and problems with self-filing or hiring a nonlawyer. 

3 Reasons You Need an Immigration Lawyer

Foreign nationals should always engage an experienced, licensed, and reputable immigration lawyer for initial consultations, case preparation, and submission. 

  1. First, licensed immigration lawyers are educated and trained to review, analyze, interpret, and apply the applicable immigration laws, current case law, and immigration policies and procedures when reviewing an immigration matter and providing legal recommendations to clients.  
  2. Second, experienced immigration lawyers possess the knowledge and skills for preparing and filing immigration cases properly based upon on their many years of practice before the immigration-related government agencies, such as the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS). Nonlawyers typically do not have the education, training, or experience to provide effective and proper immigration legal representation adequately. 
  3. Third, all licensed lawyers are held to stringent ethical rules and accountability by their respective state bar organizations, such as the Florida Bar. Foreign Nationals should avoid Nonlawyers and search for an experienced, licensed, and reputable immigration lawyer only. 

Only licensed lawyers may provide legal advice and representation, and the Florida Bar, along with most state bar organizations, will seek the prosecution of criminal charges for persons found engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. 

Experienced, Licensed, and Reputable: Demian S. Serianni, Esq.

It is never too late to engage a licensed and reputable immigration lawyer to review, analyze, and provide recommendations for U.S. immigration benefits and visa options. As a former U.S. Immigration Inspector, Demian Serianni is a passionate practitioner of U.S. immigration & nationality law and continually strives to help foreign clients realize their dreams and goals in the USA.

His immigration practice focuses on family, employment, and investment-based U.S. immigration visas, and has been practicing immigration law in Florida for over 20 years. Contact Demian if you need assistance with any U.S. immigration matters for your family, friends, company, or employer.


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