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Law Enforcement Must Use Drones Carefully in Vermont

Drone Legislation written on a notepad with marker.In Vermont, the drone laws the state are focusing on the most are a bit different than what you’ll find in other states. While the legislators are worried about how the common man is making use of the different drones, they are also concerned about how the police force is making use of drones as well. There are many restrictions in place over when and how the police force can make use of drones to handle their surveillance needs. This is very important for someone on the police force to realize, and it’s helpful for civilians to understand the laws as well, so they know what the police can and cannot do.

The Police Restrictions
While police officers make use of drones for their law enforcement duties, they must comply with all the rules set forth by the FAA. That means that they have to stick with that long list of rules and regulations in order to stay within the bounds of the law. Police officers may rely on drones for surveillance purposes, but the evidence gathered is only usable if a search warrant is successfully obtained. Officers may begin taking surveillance with a drone when extreme situations call for immediate action, but a warrant must be obtained within 48 hours of the surveillance or it is all to be destroyed and is rendered unusable.

Not only are there quite a few restrictions around when and how the police force can make use of drones, but the force must report all the uses to the Department of Public Safety so that that organization can go over all the information. The force must report how many times drones were used to collect information and information about each specific incident to prove that drones were needed to complete the task efficiently or that their use was justified in some way.

The drone laws around the country continue to change and become more and more complex to follow along with. That’s why you must take it upon yourself to really study those laws and make sure you know what you are doing before you bother trying to fly a drone in your area. The police force must remain well-versed in all these different laws to ensure they are compliant with them during their daily tasks. That means staying on top of any legal changes as well and training law enforcement personnel before allowing them to operate the drones.

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