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Legal Issues Associated with Privately Used Drones

Unmanned copter flightThere are many legal issues that have been brought up with the use of privately used drones throughout multiple areas in the US. Being able to regulate the use of these drones might solve some issues, but there are many other issues that need to be considered within the use of the drones and whether or not they’re able to comply to the rules and regulations that are set forth by governing entities.

Understanding these issues can allow users, and those concerned with the regulations of drones to understand the implications that these rules have been set forth under.

Privacy Issues

Since most larger based drones do come with cameras, they are directly violating a privacy act when flown over specific areas. This can cause further issues within the areas that it is flying over. With this being said, many places are restricted for drone use, and as such, many people that have private drones are not able to fly them in these areas.

Any and all privacy issues should be dealt with accordingly, to ensure the proper use of the drone in accordance with these issues.

Larger Aircraft Issues

The drones have oftentimes become a problem with larger aircraft carriers. Whether carrying passengers or items to bring to another area; the drones have come into areas where these larger aircraft are flying and caused further issues. When the aircraft notices something smaller flying in the area, it can become intrusive and cause the plane to have a hard time going around it or knowing what it is.

Reception Issues

Drones that are flying within the immediate areas can block signals and other reception transmitters from larger aircraft to the towers that they have to communicate with. Since this is an issue, flying them around these types of areas are not permitted. It is recommended that they do not fly by any towers or other areas where signals need to be transmitted and not tampered with.

Whether or not these legal issues bind you to the use of the aircraft drone that you use, depending on the make and model of it, is up for debate. Many rules and regulations have currently been passed to help aid along the issues that have come about, but many more legal issues are still long standing and being debated within many of the departments that are seeking a way to allow the use of drones, but also ensure that safety and other areas are focused on.


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