We assist individual inventors and businesses in obtaining patent protection in many different technologies in both the United States and overseas, and assist clients in negotiating patent licensing agreements. Patents are an invaluable piece of intellectual property. Frequently sought after by Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike, a patent can protect your invention from being copied and gives you an advantage in the marketplace, as well as making your invention more attractive to prospective investors. A robust patent portfolio can greatly increase the value of a company as well.  For more information on patents, please refer to the Patents FAQ.

Please use our Patent Questionnaire to assist you in describing your invention or complete our Patent Intake Form.

Widerman Malek also offers a proprietary system called ProPhase which delivers fast, high quality, low-cost filing of national entry applications. ProPhase leverages technology to reduce your time and effort in filing national entry applications into the U.S. while providing a high-quality product at lower cost.  Visit www.prophasepatent.com today to learn more.

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