Widerman Malek, PL represents clients with government contract disputes and bid protests as well as clients with issues involving contract formation, interpreting terms and conditions, preparing and submitting claims and litigating complex disputes before Federal and State Courts, Boards of Contact Appeals and the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

Our Government Contracts Law and Litigation practice area includes:

  • Terms and Conditions of Requests for Proposals or Invitation for Bids
  • Size and Status Protests
  • Bid Protests
  • Contract Terms and Conditions
  • Changes, Claims and Disputes
  • Changes, Claims and Disputes
  • Suspension and Debarment
  • False Claims/QuiTam Defense
  • Teaming and Joint Venture Agreements
  • SBA Size and Status Protests


If you have questions or concerns about pursuing a government contract claim, or if your company has been rejected in the bid process, then please contact an experienced government contract attorney here.

WM Attorneys Who Practice Government Contracts