A trade secret has three parts pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 1839(3) (A), (B) (1996). They are (1) information; (2) reasonable measures taken to protect the information; and (3) which derives independent economic value from not being publicly known”.

The Attorneys at Widerman Malek, PL can assist you in setting your appropriate procedures for ensuring that you take the appropriate steps to protect your information as a trade secret. We can also draft procedures and/or manuals (or review existing procedures and manuals) to ensure that the categories of information you desire to protect as a trade secret retain such protection. Maintaining the secrecy of this information is key to trade secret protection, and the attorneys at Widerman Malek, PL can assist you with the procedures that you must have in place in order to prevent loss of your trade secret protection.

Should you believe that your trade secret has been misappropriated, please contact the attorneys at Widerman Malek, PL to discuss your options for an action based on theft of your trade secrets.

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