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New Oncology Medications are on the Rise with New Patents

Prescription Bottles Top View CloseupWhen it comes to oncology, the medications that are used are vast. With many of them still being tested, developed and implemented; these medications may prove to provide a decline in the cancer that is seen. However, many of the medications that have previously been brought up have been denied a patent to actually be handed out to various patients and used on an ongoing basis. One of the medication companies that has received a patent is known as ABBV.

The Company

The company has a handful of oncology medications currently on the market, but they were in danger of losing the patents indefinitely. This would mean that they’d have to bring it back up to have these renewed so that patients would be able to use their medications within their cancer treatments. One of these medications is Humira. This is a largely acceptable, widely used medication for numerous patients within the healthcare industry, and the patent is putting it in danger of being taken off the market entirely, and putting the patients on new medications.

While, Humira is not just for oncology patients, it spans across a wide range of other areas, as well such as neurology and immunology. It can be used as a treatment for many different conditions. However, without the necessary pipelines of patents that provide the use of the medication to these patients; the company is also not going to be able to provide new medications to the consumers that need them. These patents are going to make a difference in who does and does not receive the medications that ABBV is providing to the healthcare industry.

The fall of their patents has led shareholders to remove their shares and pull out of the market, even if ABBV is not doing bad with their shares. However, being in the midst of a patent war is not going to look good if they have to continue to extend the lines of approvals or denials with the country on whether or not their existing, and any new medications would be able to be sold to the healthcare industry. If their patent is denied, this could mean the removal of the medications that so many people have relied on for some time. However, if it goes through then this could mean good news for ABBV, stakeholders with the company and the patients relying on their medications from the company.

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