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Personal Injury Advertising is Being Zeroed in On

blank billboard for advertisement on sky backgroundAdvertising for personal injuries, as well as an assortment of other cases is being zoned in on by the LSUC. Not only is this hurting the public interest due to the confidentiality issues that the advertising provides, but it is also something that even the law professionals are saying should probably not be done, with or without the client’s permission to do so.

These advertisements are necessary for the law firms to bring in new clients that they can help, or to provide other lawyers with new clients where the law firm that advertised would get a finder’s fee. This is what the advertising leads to in most cases, as long as it is done well. This advertising is also felt like it is false and misinterpreted by those that seek the help from the law offices that are providing the advertisement. This seems to be the biggest issue.

While some say that this legal personal injury advertising is here to stay and there is nothing we can really do about it, others find it immoral. Not only are they showing a representation of what we think lawyers are able to do, but it also gives false hope when many people think they have a case when they do not. It is also a representation of what types of claims and cases are out there that people win, as silly as some of them might be.

Misinterpretation of the Clients

One of the biggest issues is when the law firm is advertising for themselves, but then hands the person off to another law firm. This causes confusion and can be harmful to the general public that is supposed to trust in this law firm that is on the television or billboard. However, they just want to send the person to another lawyers office that can help them, while also collecting the finders fee for those people that are referred to the offices.

This is happening more and more throughout the world, and with each advertisement, people think they’re going to be working with one company, but in reality, are sent to work with another one. This issue has become a serious problem throughout the world and with many people standing against the advertising, it seems as though these lawyers might have a case for themselves on whether or not they’re going to continue to be able to advertise these services.