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Personal Injury and Recalls

Mechanic at workThere are thousands of items each year that are unsafe to be sold. However, the defects in some of the items may not be discovered until after the products are manufactured and sold into homes. Once the recall has been discovered, it is up to the purchasers to find the information regarding the recall and to return the defective products.

When a product is damaged during the shipping process or at the store, it does not need to be recalled. The product itself may be the cause of a personal injury, but the damages sustained to that shipment is the cause. Products that are defective normally reach consumers and are reported defective. They are then investigated. The investigation process can last anywhere from a few weeks to months. This process includes the product testing stages reporting to be reanalyzed. It also includes several more testing stages before they can successfully recall the product. In the event of a child becoming hurt from the defect, the company can be held liable.

Children are not the only people who can suffer and possibly die from recalls. Automobile recalls have also made headlines. Normally when a vehicle is faulty, they recall them and pull them from the market. Sometimes it is a simple fix and sometimes it requires the whole model to be remade. Newer cars with more mechanisms and a more complex computer system are bound to have a fault. Some of these faults can be overlooked while others are too major. They can result with the driver being in a fatal accident upon malfunction.

Recalls are serious! When an item, automobile, or anything that is used in close proximity of people has a defect, it can cause a personal injury to occur. There are certain laws that cover certain circumstances. Some personal injury laws are designed around accidents that happen on residential properties while others may take a bigger focus on business owners and places that see a high number of consumers.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a personal injury due to the defect in a product or service that you purchased, you may have a case. Contact a professional that deals with personal injury laws and they can help guide you in the right direction with your claim. They can assist in deciding whether or not you have a claim and how to go about filing out the proper paperwork to file your claim.