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Property taxes too high? How to use your county’s Value Adjustment Board to ensure you’re not paying too much

Value Adjustment Board Are your property taxes just too high? Do you think that your home is overvalued on the tax rolls? You may be able to challenge the value of your home in front of your county’s Value Adjustment Board. If you received your TRIM notice from the Property Appraiser and believe your property is valued too high, then you might need to petition the value adjustment board to lower the assessed value of your property.

The value adjustment board is an independent forum for property owners to appeal their property value or the denial of an exemption, classification or tax deferral. This board is made up of five members. 2 from the county board of commissioners, one from the school board and two citizens. Additionally, some VAB’s use a special magistrate to conduct the hearings and recommend decisions to the full board.

It is important that you file the correct petition form and by the deadline, which varies with different types of appeals or else you lose the right to continue your appeal. Additionally, the VAB is required to deny any petition if the taxpayer does not make certain payments of taxes, which varies depending on what you are challenging. Furthermore, 15 days before the hearing, the taxpayer must submit a list and summary of evidence that they will use to the property appraiser. If the taxpayer wants the same from the property appraiser, they must ask in writing and the property appraiser must provide it seven days prior to the hearing.

The hearing will greatly affect your legal rights and it is important to be represented by an attorney who is knowledgeable in rules of evidence and procedure. The VAB is required to submit its decision 20 days after its last session.

Please contact attorney Nathan Meloon if you have any questions regarding your case before the Value Adjustment Board.


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