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Even Online Giant Amazon Doesn’t Have Immunity

Nearly everyone on the planet has heard of online giant, Amazon. They are known for many different things, from their Prime memberships to their two-day shipping in many portions of the world. However, if you have ever used their Prime membership bonuses, then you know that sometimes their settings can be a bit difficult to […]

1 Click and a lawsuit

The digital world we live in has made many things complicated.  With the internet, the whole world is connected.  Technology is moving at such a fast pace it is often difficult to determine who came up with what idea first.  This is why trademark and copyright laws have become so important.  Even the most seemingly […]

Patent Is as Patent Does

In 1999, a patent was granted to the popular online business Amazon for their 1-Click technology. This is also called one-click buying. More than likely you’ve seen it and used it. This particular process lets you purchase items online with a single click of your mouse. There’s no need to enter your shipping and billing […]

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