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Different Types of Civil Law Cases

In the United States for a civil lawsuit, a person has to be found to be guilty without any doubt to be convicted.  Civil law encompasses many different types of cases.  It can be confusing at times so understanding what kind of cases are considered to be civil will help you know whether you have […]

Finally a Victory for Shannon Santimore and her Legal Team after a 2 Year Battle

Sometimes you really have to stand up and cheer for our wonderful legal system. It may take some time to come to a decision when you choose to pursue legal recourse on something, but it is a great thing that we always have the right to do it. It is something a lot of people […]

The Wedding is Called Off. Who Keeps the Engagement Ring?

We all know people who have gotten engaged only to call off their engagement a few months later.  Did you ever wonder what happens to the ring?  Most of the times the ring is given back to the fiancé once the couple calls it quit.  Proper etiquette dictates that if the couple were to call […]

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