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The Federal Government Creates a Fund to Help Compensate those Suffering from State Sponsored Terrorism

Over the years, there have been many incidents where US citizens have been terrorized in some way by a state sponsored action. For instance, back in 2014, families of two different military members were kidnapped and executed by al-Qaida. There are plenty of other incidents where government or state actions have resulted in bad things […]

The Historic Civil Law Suit Against George W. Bush is Set in California

Saleh v. Bush has been ongoing, with many papers that have been handed back and forth on the case, from both parties. Currently, the latest to go into the judge’s hands in the Ninth Circuit Court was the Chilcot Report. This is hopefully going to cut back on any problems that Bush may be facing, […]

Groups are Meeting Across the Country to Study Civil Legal Services

In order to make civil legal services more affordable and available to their clients, many of the legal professionals throughout numerous states, including Wisconsin are coming together to brainstorm different ways that they can make this possible for their residents. This is going to be the first time that many of these professionals have thought […]

Access to Justice Conference is Exploring the Need for Civil Legal Assistance

Legal professionals throughout New York, as well as other states, have all come together to speak with one another on ways that they can make their civil law services more affordable. The number of people that have to represent themselves in civil law cases is astonishing, because they’re unable to cover the costs of having […]

The Civil Risks of a Landlord

A landlord has a lot of responsibility, including providing a safe and secure place for his tenants to live. In addition, however, he has a financial responsibility to his tenants. For example, if a security deposit is not being returned, there has to be ample evidence for keeping that deposit in order to avoid the […]

Lose A Criminal Case but Win a Civil Trial

You’ve been wronged.  Your first instinct is to sue the person.  How do you know whether you should file a criminal case or a civil one? Many times, these days, even though you may lose in a criminal trial, there is the possibility that you could win in the civil trial.  How is that possible? […]

Civil Lawsuits

A civil lawsuit is a lawsuit that is filed to determine the rights and liabilities of a party.  These lawsuits normally are private disputes between corporations or individuals.  The disputes could be due to a violation of a contract or other injuries received in an accident. If you fell in a retail store due to […]

Compensation through Civil Law

A civil lawsuit is filed when a victim or someone harmed emotionally or physically is seeking to be compensated for their pain and suffering. It can also include any damages to their property by the person accused. The accused can be made by the courts to pay back any damages sustained and for compensating the […]

Civil Laws Surrounding Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

There are many cases that travel through the court systems that involve sexual harassment or misconduct. This can be anything from a few comments that were said the wrong way to direct threats that warn of immediate danger to the person being harassed. Civil law has proven to hold its ground in the justice department […]

Same Sex Marriage Couple’s Divorce Could Get Sticky in Florida

Massachusetts recognizes the legal marriage in same-sex couples. Florida does not. So what happens when a same sex couple is married in Massachusetts, moves to Florida, then decides they want to divorce? That is a real issue with a couple who filed for divorce in Hillsborough County earlier this month. A woman who married her […]

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