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Contracting for Hurricane Repairs, A Primer

If you suffered damage from Hurricane Irma, you need to notify your insurance company immediately. If you are having repairs done at your home you need to: Ensure the work is being done by a Florida licensed contractor. If you are told a Florida license is not needed, confirm with your local building department. You […]

It’s the 35th Anniversary for NH Bank’s Support of Civil Legal Aid

New Hampshire’s Legal Assistance has received more than $500K in funds in the past year to help more than 7,000 people. This civil legal aid is what is going to keep the communities thriving throughout many of the hardships that they’ve faced in their lifetimes. With the help of these legal aid services, the state […]

Interpleader: Compelling Two Parties to Litigate

Generally, it is understood that one person cannot drag two others into court and force them to fight out an issue.  However, as with most things in the law, there are exceptions to this idea.  The concept of interpleader is that sometimes one party can compel two or more other parties to determine their rights […]

Different Types of Civil Law Cases

In the United States for a civil lawsuit, a person has to be found to be guilty without any doubt to be convicted.  Civil law encompasses many different types of cases.  It can be confusing at times so understanding what kind of cases are considered to be civil will help you know whether you have […]

Everything You Need to Know about Licensing in General

It is easy to cringe at the thought of needing a license these days to go out and do just about anything.  We need a license to learn to drive a car and then another one to drive it and then we have to renew it years later.  We need a license to hunt, fish, […]

Firefighters and the Public Duty Doctrine

The story: On January 25, 2014 Medric Mills suffered a heart attack.  He was on a public street – right across from Engine 26, a fire station in Washington, DC.  His daughter, who was with him, screamed across the street in order to get help from trained professionals.  Bystanders who stopped to help were also […]

Do you have an Overdue Library Book?

If you do and you live in San Angelo, Texas, you may want to return that book!  Starting in March, 2014, they will not only list your name publicly, they will be taking you to court. Due to the fact that the Tom Green Country Library has more than 2,000 delinquent accounts, the library is […]

The Latest in Baseball… and steroids …. and A-Rod

Everyone’s been watching as Alex Rodriguez received an unprecedented suspension from baseball due to alleged steroid use.  After receiving an astounding 200 games in his initial suspension, he was able to get a reduction in his sentence to only 162 games through arbitration.  Only recently did A-Rod file suit against the Player’s Union seeking to […]

The Wild World of Discovery…What Can’t They See?

No matter how hard TV shows try, they are just not the reality they portray. Prime example is law related shows. First you have the crime or the incident and then you are in trial, the most exciting part. But what happens in the middle can be the deciding factor whether your case survives, settles, or […]

Covan World Wide Moving Caught Falsifying Weight Certificates

Handling everything from residential to corporate to commercial to government business, massive Alabama based trucking company was recently discovered as deceiving the US government. Since 2007, Covan World-Wide Moving and its affiliate, Coleman-American Moving Services, were paid by the government based on the items they are moving and just how much they weigh. According to […]

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