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The Legal Benefits of a Copyright

You have a website; it is your pride and joy and you cannot wait until others see it. What happens next is not what you anticipated, however. You get it out the public and start advertising it like crazy so that your business takes off in an upward fashion, yet all of a sudden you […]

Why Is It Essential To Have A Copyright?

A copyright is an exclusive and legitimate right that is given to a creator or author to write, print, publish, film, record or perform any musical, literary, or artistic content or material. It also gives a person, party or entity legal ownership of any work they produce.  A copyright is a federal law in the […]

WM Partner Speaks to Community Foundation Non-Profit Workshop

Widerman Malek, PL Managing Partner, Mark Malek, spoke at the Community Foundation Non-Profit Workshop on September 12, 2014 about intellectual property matters that need to be considered by non-profits when carrying out their day to day business.  The topics included various issues regarding patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.  With respect to trademarks and copyrights, […]

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