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Florida Photographer to Sue for Stolen Photos by Corelogic

Thousands of photos that were taken of the property by a photographer from Lake Worth have come into question. A lawsuit has been filed against Corelogic, a real estate firm. The plaintiffs, Steven Vandel, the photographer, and Robert Stevens initiated the lawsuit in the federal courts on August 8, in the southern part of California. […]

Tattoos – A New Frontier in Copyright Law

Tattoos, an ancient art that has enjoyed a modern renaissance over the past few decades especially as this type of body modification becomes more and more mainstream and socially acceptable. Among the groups of people currently drawn to getting tattoos, it seems professional athletes rank highly on the list. Names such as LeBron James, Mike […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Internet Copyright

The Do’s and Don’ts of Internet Copyright

If an article online is copyrighted can I use part of their work? What are the rules? Bloggers as a rule of thumb research for interesting topics by surfing the web. Information is gathered and quotes borrowed, by what if there is a copyright notice displayed at the bottom of the page? To many newcomer bloggers this copyright notice is the equivalent of a “do not trespass sign” and in many ways it is….

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