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Traps to Avoid When Negotiating Royalties

Royalties are a wonderful way for inventors to collect payment for the use of their inventions. Any time a song is played on the radio the song composer receives a royalty for their work. Any time an artist’s drawing is replicated the artist receives a royalty and any time an author’s published work is reprinted, […]

Tattoos – A New Frontier in Copyright Law

Tattoos, an ancient art that has enjoyed a modern renaissance over the past few decades especially as this type of body modification becomes more and more mainstream and socially acceptable. Among the groups of people currently drawn to getting tattoos, it seems professional athletes rank highly on the list. Names such as LeBron James, Mike […]

Prevent Someone from Misusing Photos of You

What does Sophia Loren and Scarlet Johansson share in common?  Each of these women had nude photos of themselves posted onto the internet without their consent.  They also have another thing in common.  Each of them legally fought back and succeeded in having their risqué photos removed off the Internet sites.  How were they able […]

Textbook Publishers Sue Boundless Learning for Plagiarism

One of the biggest gripes I had with attending college had to be buying textbooks.  Ten years ago when I was in college, textbooks cost around $500 per semester.  This was an outrageous cost.  Yet, college kids were forced to pay for these books in order to follow along with the teacher’s syllabus.  You would […]

The Bullies of Copyrights

No one likes bullies. Who doesn’t remember the school bully picking on someone on the playground? Unfortunately, bullies can be found outside of the school playground. They exist everywhere, even when it comes to copyright laws. Copyright laws are set in place to protect others from infringing on an individual’s original work. However, what happens when an individual or […]

Joint Authorship Versus Work Made for Hire

“Do you like apples?  Well, I got her number. How do you like them apples?”  These three sentences have got to be my all time favorite lines from the movie Good Will Hunting.  Good Will Hunting was co-scripted by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon back in 1997.  Their creative partnership is a perfect example of […]

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