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The Rules of Evidence: Hearsay and Its Exceptions

If you are considering filing a lawsuit against someone you have probably already started to plan your strategy: how you will convince the judge (or jury, depending on whether it is a bench trial or not) that you have been wronged and should be compensated for the injury that you have suffered.  During the course […]

More on the Washington Redskins Situation

News stations and sports analysts were super busy this weekend discussing and dissecting the latest story from the US Patent and Trademark Office – the Washington Redskin’s trademark has been revoked.  To be perfectly accurate – six trademarks, issued between 1967 and 1990 have been revoked. What’s the History? Five Native Americans brought suit against […]

Y, M, C, No More?

More likely than not you have heard the “YMCA” at every school dance or wedding you have ever attended. As great or terrible as that might be depending on the love or hate you may feel for the tune, the likelihood of hearing this or some other popular Village People songs might dwindle in the […]

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