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How to Contest a Will

Here’s the scenario.  Your father remarried after your mother passed away.  His new wife has two children from a previous marriage.  It appears she discourages your father from maintaining a relationship with you and your siblings, but is encouraging him to interact with her children.  Something just seems unusual about his behavior.  You feel your […]

Infringement Lawsuit Over a Paper Bag!

Here is an interesting piece of news about two companies using paper bags for advertisements. It all started when a Georgia law firm started distributing brown paper bags which can be used to carry beer cans. This firm deals with drunk driving incidents and probably gave out paper bags for beer cans as a calling […]

More on the Washington Redskins Situation

News stations and sports analysts were super busy this weekend discussing and dissecting the latest story from the US Patent and Trademark Office – the Washington Redskin’s trademark has been revoked.  To be perfectly accurate – six trademarks, issued between 1967 and 1990 have been revoked. What’s the History? Five Native Americans brought suit against […]

Mediation-is it a good idea?

Mediation-is it a good idea?
By: Eric L. Hostetler

Mediation can either be voluntary or ordered by the court, depending on the jurisdiction. Mediation is becoming more and more common in small claims cases as the court will provide Supreme Court approved mediators to discuss your case after the pre-trial conference. In most circuit court cases, the Judge will require the parties attempt to mediate as part of a pre-trial order.

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