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3D Printers and Patent Infringement

By: Dan Pierron As a follower of several tech websites, it’s my general impression that the cost of 3D printers and their associated printing media are quickly dropping in price, to the point that it is within the budget of some hobbyists and semi-professional hardware manufacturers to purchase and operate the machines.  While this is certainly […]

Patent Litigation in the News – About the Players, not the Issues

By: Dan Pierron Carnegie Mellon v. Marvell recently received a jury verdict in the amount of over $1.1 billion from Marvell’s infringement of a CMU patent.  The stories involved with patent litigation are nothing new; comments on articles about this suit have included the usual arguments of invalidity due to overbreadth (which is to be expected […]

Public Disclosure and its Effect on Patent Rights

By: Dan Pierron For the inventor who is also a patent novice, there is a pitfall in telling others about your invention.  There are an unfortunate many who shoot themselves in the foot by disclosing their invention to others without taking necessary precautions to preserve their patent rights, and that disclosure can have negative consequences at […]

Claim Drafting – Go Narrow or Broad?

By: Dan Pierron Claim drafting ain’t easy.  On top of having to concisely describe a quite-often complicated invention, there are all the strategic implications on word choice, independent-dependent relationships, and too many others to recite here.  However, one overarching strategic decision to be made when drafting claims prior to filing an application is this; should one […]

Third Party Submissions

By: Dan Pierron Yet another part of the America Invents Act are Third Party Submission of Prior Art.  This presents the opportunity for ex parte participation in the form of introducing prior art to be considered by the examiner in a pending application.  This adds another tool in the arsenal of options for a party considering an […]

Life After Allowance – What’s a Patentee to Do?

By: Dan Pierron Receiving a notice of allowance is the patent equivalence of reaching the promised land.  After years of effort and expense, the Patent Office has deemed your application worthy of becoming a patent, and issued a Notice of Allowance accordingly.  However, this does not necessarily mean the end of the road as far as […]

Examiner Interviews – Time Well Spent

By: Dan Pierron The patent prosecution process can seem like a rather tedious enterprise with a faceless entity, the Patent Office.  In most cases, over 18 months (current average is over 21 months) transpires between the filing of a non-provisional application and your first response from a living, breathing person at the Patent Office.  This response will […]

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