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Defamation of Character

In today’s world, it seems everyone needs to be careful when talking about someone.  People are sensitive to being categorized in certain ways; the names we used to use for groups of people are now offensive.  When saying something about someone you need to make sure you have your facts straight.  With social media everywhere, […]

Defamation and the App Store Review Process

Many retailers rely on reviews by other customers to boost goodwill and rely on good service and a high quality product to encourage customers to post positive reviews. Users of the App Store sometimes rely heavily on those posted comments before making a purchase. As I’ve written about in a previous blog post, App Store […]

Did KTLA Infringe on Kurt Knutsson’s Cyberguy Identity?

Did KTLA Infringe on Kurt Knutsson’s Cyberguy Identity?

Kurt Knutsson, better known as Kurt the Cyberguy to long time followers of KTLA Tribune television, filed a lawsuit against KTLA for breach of contract, age discrimination, and misuse of name and likeness. Kurt Knutsson established himself as the technology expert, reporting on the latest innovations and gadgets for KTLA in exchange for exposure and payment. His “Kurt the Cyberguy” reports were syndicated to more than 20 stations…..

Defamation Case: Casey Anthony lands herself back in court

Defamation Case: Casey Anthony lands herself back in court

Less than two years after receiving the verdict of not guilty for murdering her two year old daughter Caylee, Casey finds herself facing yet another trial, this time in the civil courts. Zenaida Gonzalez is suing Anthony on the grounds of defamation. During her criminal trial, Casey repeated lied to law enforcements while they searched for her missing daughter leading all on a wild goose chase. One of the lies told was her daug…

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