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Design Patents to Protect Your Software

In a previous article, we discussed a legal strategy for protecting software that involved segmenting software into three tiers and protecting each tier separately. Those tiers are as follows: Level One: User Interface Level Two: API Level Three: Algorithms and Data Structures This article focuses on the first tier, which involves how the user interacts […]

The Common Types of Available Patents in the United States

In order to have a patent on a certain product, intellectual property, or an invention you must first file a patent application at the USPTO or the US Patent and Trademark Office located near you. When applying for a patent, even though the invention might have been an easy success for you, the patent can […]

Design Patents: Protecting Animated Icons

Design patent protection is a potentially powerful tool that inventors such as graphics designers and software developers may be able to apply to animated computer icons, including images that change in appearance during viewing. Design patent applications may be written to claim not only the static design of an article of manufacture, but also the design […]

Utility Patents vs Design Patents

For inventors who wish to patent their inventions, may times they will need to acquire both utility and design patents.  What is the difference between utility patents and design patents?  Design patents protect and cover the physical shape and appearance of the invention, whereas the utility patent protects the functionality of the invention.  For instance, […]

Different Types of Patent Applications

By: Mark R. Malek My last article provided a brief overview of the patent system.  I also wrote another article about why patents are somewhat important.  This prompted me to reflect on my typical conversations with potential clients, and the questions that generally arise as to the different types of patents.  This article will attempt to […]

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