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How Will Unions Survive in This Day and Age?

The atmosphere of the workplace changes over time.  One hundred years ago, wages were dismal and work hours long.  The age of workers was not regulated and many children found themselves working to help their families.  Understandably, these working conditions were not popular and needed to be addressed.  Unions were established that stood up for […]

Are you an Independent Contractor or Employee?

How do you know if you are an independent contractor or an employee? Does what the person you work for determine what you are called? Generally, they have the upper hand; however, a court has the final say. So what will a court look at to determine what you should be called and what that […]

Florida Labor Laws

Labor laws vary from state to state. There are, however, some federal laws that all states must adhere to.  To learn about some labor laws that are specific to Florida, keep reading. Florida has a minimum wage of $8.05.  That may not sound like very much when compared to the highest minimum wage, which is […]

Building the Perfect Employee Agreement

It’s sometimes very difficult to draft that perfect employee agreement – you know – the kind that fully protects your rights to intellectual property and inventions created by your employees while at the same time encouraging creativity.  Many employers mistakenly believe they should make the agreement overly broad – favoring their interests or make it […]

Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim and Dealing with Your Employer

There is a lot involved with the day to day lifestyles of a regular person. There is the home where you must maintain and care for on a regular basis. If you have children, pets, parents, or other people that you frequently take care of you have many more schedules and fees to focus on. […]

Civil Laws Surrounding Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

There are many cases that travel through the court systems that involve sexual harassment or misconduct. This can be anything from a few comments that were said the wrong way to direct threats that warn of immediate danger to the person being harassed. Civil law has proven to hold its ground in the justice department […]

Employers Demanding Facebook Passwords from Job Seekers

Is it legal for employers to demand access to potential job seekers’ Facebook accounts?  This is currently a hot debate topic across the country and here in the state of Florida.  With the national unemployment rate at 7.9 % and Florida slightly worse off at an 8% unemployment rate, many job seekers are feeling pressured […]

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