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Do You Need A Power of Attorney for Estate Planning?

Planning your estate is one of the best ways you can protect all you have and continue to work for.  It not only makes the process of handling assets easier when it is your time to go, it also takes care of issues that may come up in the event you are incapacitated.  According to […]

What is the process of settling an estate without a will?

Having a will prepared is something most people think about at some point in their life.  Many people think they need to have a substantial amount of wealth to have a will.  Or they think they need to own property to have a will.  And what about your minor children; do you need a will […]

If It’s Unusual, It ‘Will’ Be Contested

For many, the last will and testament is a chance to make a statement about those who have stood by them and those who haven’t.  There have been some truly unusual wills that have gone through the probate process.  It would seem, the more unusual the will, the more certain it will be contested. Take […]

What is Formal Administration?

When a loved one passes and they have left behind adequate assets that go above and beyond the expenses of their funeral and burial, formal administration of their assets may be necessary. This of course can be avoided if they have a will or trust that names specific beneficiaries or there is joint ownership of […]

Dividing the Estate of a Deceased Loved One

When a loved one passes away there should always be a grieving period before their estate is gone through. This grieving period may create feelings or create scenarios where the family may not necessarily agree, but can come together and support one another. However, once you throw in the deceased person’s estate, property, money, and […]

A Will is too Important to Leave to Chance

You have worked hard all your life and now you are trying to enjoy it a little more. The children are grown and raising teenagers of their own. You have saved and invested and done ok as far as building something for your retirement. You always heard that hard work paid off and now you […]

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