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Different Types of Civil Law Cases

In the United States for a civil lawsuit, a person has to be found to be guilty without any doubt to be convicted.  Civil law encompasses many different types of cases.  It can be confusing at times so understanding what kind of cases are considered to be civil will help you know whether you have […]

The Latest in Baseball… and steroids …. and A-Rod

Everyone’s been watching as Alex Rodriguez received an unprecedented suspension from baseball due to alleged steroid use.  After receiving an astounding 200 games in his initial suspension, he was able to get a reduction in his sentence to only 162 games through arbitration.  Only recently did A-Rod file suit against the Player’s Union seeking to […]

Covan World Wide Moving Caught Falsifying Weight Certificates

Handling everything from residential to corporate to commercial to government business, massive Alabama based trucking company was recently discovered as deceiving the US government. Since 2007, Covan World-Wide Moving and its affiliate, Coleman-American Moving Services, were paid by the government based on the items they are moving and just how much they weigh. According to […]

NJ Residents Sue Governor’s Office for Closing Four Lanes of Traffic

It seems that for some individuals affected by the closing of lanes on the George Washington bridge, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s two hour apology on live television was just simply not enough. For those four days in September, access through the north Jersey town and over the George Washington bridge was a painful trip […]

Warning Lead Found in Baby Food

Warning Lead Found in Baby Food

Gerber Products Co., Del Monte Foods and 14 other well known baby food companies are headed to court in California after being slapped with a lawsuit from the Environmental Law Foundation (ELF). ELF claims their baby food contains lead that is above the warning limit requirement. ELF wants the baby food manufacturers to place warning labels on their products alerting parents of the potential harm the lead could have on their baby’s health.

They breached the contract so what kind of damages can I get? How about lost profits or loss-of-use?

By: J. Mason Williams IV It can be difficult to determine what type of monetary damages, if any, a party is entitled to in a breach of contract case.  Even if you determine the type of damages, it can be even more difficult to prove the amount as evidenced in a recent case in Hillsborough […]

Permanent Alimony Ban Bill Approved by Florida Senate

Ex-spouses who depend upon alimony to live off of may be in jeopardy of losing this extra income.  This past Thursday the Florida Senate voted and approved bill SB 718 with a 29-11 vote count, to ban permanent alimony.  Senator Kelli Stargel, R-Lakeland voted in favor of passing the bill. He explains, “Back in the […]

Will a Tenant get their security deposit?

By: J. Mason Williams IV I have been asked several times whether a person can get their security deposit back.  Often times, they tell me that they cleaned everything up and the landlord still won’t give them their deposit back.  Why not and what can I do?   Well, first you have to review your […]

Do you always have to pay rent?

The short answer is no, you don’t always have to pay your rent, but the circumstances that allow you to make partial payments, or to stop paying altogether are very limited.  In short, generally you need to pay your rent.  You might win a case and get that rent returned or get something fixed, but […]

Can I disinherit someone?

In Florida and many states (if not all states), the short answer is you can absolutely disinherit someone . . . mostly.  There’s a catch or two though.  You can disinherit anyone to a certain degree.  The problem is that statutes sometimes allow certain heirs the ability to take an elective share of the elective estate […]

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