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That Glass of Red Wine could become healthier for you!

The South Beach Food and Wine festival is something every fine food and wine connoisseur loves to attend, especially hard working lawyers from an unnamed central Florida patent law firm.  OK – we admit it – it’s us! Several of us like to head south during the festival days and take in the new flavors […]

Can I Patent My Food Recipe?

Family restaurant recipes are often kept secrets to protect their livelihood and fend off competition, but it is rare for restaurants or individuals to claim patents for their food recipes. Why is that? The reason is it is simply too hard to prove a recipe is new and never invented before. I mean how many […]

The 80’s Are Here Again!

Quiet Riot in ConcertBe it the hair, the clothes, and especially the music, almost everyone loves the 80’s! Whether you remember where you were when you first saw a music video on MTV (remember when they played videos?) or only know the 80’s through the John Hughes movies replayed every weekend on at least one cable channel, it was truly a special time. Relive some the magic of this decade at the Wickham Park Pavilion when it plays host to the “80’s In The Park” for two days on September 28th and 29th.

While the party officially begins Saturday the 28th, there is actually an 80’s film festival to kick off the weekend on Friday, September 27th. The showtimes for the movies have not been released yet but the event runs from 5pm to 1am at the Cinema World Theater. Some of the movies being played include “Adjust Your Tracking,” a documentary on VHS along with “Rock ‘N Roll Nightmare” and “The Colombian Connection”. It was also just announced that “Deadliest Prey” has been added to the line-up.

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