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Skip The Math

I commend those of you who read my last post, yet returned despite my talk of “probabilities” and “cost estimation.”  The reward for your courage is this:  NO math! Plus, a bonus:  Because the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) website does a good job summarizing the application of risk management techniques to the prioritization of […]

Risky Business Indeed

The story is all too familiar.  A company executive suspects some specific intellectual assets of the business (say, a corporate logo, or maybe some in-house software) are under-defended, undervalued, and/or under-exploited.  So the executive sponsors an intellectual asset (IA) audit to help her decide how to shore up these few troublesome assets, only to learn […]

So Many Rocks … So Little Time

Your company has decided to conduct an audit to take inventory of its intellectual assets (IA), and has an idea of the level of abstraction at which it will identify those assets.  So where should the company start seining for IA information?  The following tips may be helpful.

IAM Seine … Really …

Intellectual assets encompass intellectual property and potentially a lot more.  To simplify the startup of a company’s Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) program, focusing on one or more of the traditional intellectual asset (IA) categories of Products, Processes, Services, and Brand is a good way to establish a baseline inventory of IA candidates from which to […]

Where To Start …

So your company aspires to start an Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) program.  That business decision predictably spawns the sometimes intimidating question, “Where do we start?” What qualifies as an intellectual asset (IA) is often limited only to the eye of the beholder.  Consequently, taking inventory of those assets can quickly evolve into an academic exercise […]

Roadmap To IAM Success

In my last post, I shared my experience selling a software line of business valued by the buyer entirely for the business’s intellectual assets rather than for its tangible assets.  As it turns out, my experience is not unique. In today’s economy, intangible assets constitute nearly 80 percent of corporate value.  The other 20 percent […]

You Never Forget Your First Time …

Relax.  It’s not that kind of post. Today I am christening a new TacticalIP blog category:  Intellectual Asset Management (IAM).  To introduce some terminology used in the field, I thought I would share the story of my initiation to the world of IAM. Long before I became a patent attorney, I was a software engineer […]

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