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Brazil Internet Regulation

The international political fall out continues over the revelations of the expansive National Security Agency (NSA) spy program leaked by Edward Snowden. Media attention has been mainly focused on Snowden and his flight to Russia and subsequent asylum. Not as much focus has been paid to the protests across the globe and the especially strong […]

Can Passengers Sue Cruise Ships for Catching Norovirus On Board Ship?

In the past year, a mutant strand of the norovirus invaded over a dozen cruise liners around the world. The virus is nicknamed “Sydney 2012” because the virus is believed to have originated from Sydney, Australia.  Prior to modern day technology, passing ships communicated through use of various flags, with the yellow flag indicating “Plague […]

Beware of Attractive Nuisances Laws in Florida

On January 19, 1986, the American children’s television show, Punky Brewster, featured an episode called “Cherie Lifesaver”.  During this episode, a little girl named Cherie becomes trapped in a discarded refrigerator in a game of hide and seek.  She is not found until hours later, but fortunately is saved before suffocating to death. If this […]

U.S. Supreme Court Defines the Definition of a “Vessel”

We are back on the topic of eminent domain.  This time we take a look at floating homes and maritime laws.  Last Tuesday on January 15th, the U.S. Supreme Court ended the dispute on whether a floating home should be classified as a vessel and subject to maritime laws or whether it should be considered […]

Classic Civil Commitment Proceeding: Miracle on 34th Street

The other day I sat down to watch the classic 1947 movie, Miracle on 34th Street starring Natalie Wood, Maureen O’Hara, John Payne, and Edmund Gwenn.  For those who haven’t seen this movie, it is an exceptional well acted film.  It is just a warm, good hearted movie that leaves you feeling happy after watching […]

What to Do When Contract is Breached

For those who’ve watched the popular Home and Garden television show, Holmes Inspection, we have all seen homeowners distraught after contractors failed to deliver quality workmanship.  On this television show, homeowners seek the help of Mike Holmes and his crew to fix the poor handy work of other contractors who left the homeowners’ home in terrible condition.  […]

What is Involved in Preparing for a Civil Litigation Case

What is civil litigation?  What are the different types of civil litigation cases?  How does the civil litigation process work?  These are typically questions that attorneys are asked on a regular basis.  Unless you went to law school, most Americans are not familiar with civil litigation.  Americans would not need to concern themselves with the […]

The Five Advantages of Mediation

Is it better to seek mediation rather than go to court to settle a dispute?  Mediation is defined by as “a method of resolving an industrial dispute whereby a third party consults with those involved and recommends a solution which is not, however, binding on the parties”.  When a dispute occurs between two or […]

Is My Cancellation of Debt Tax-Free?

I bought my condo in 2010.  I was living the American dream.  Life was good and then about a year later my circumstances drastically changed.  I was laid off from my company.  Suddenly paying my once very manageable mortgage became increasingly more difficult.  I began to struggle and had to dip heavily into my savings. I fortunately […]

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