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What you can learn through copyright infringement cases

  Throughout the time sine copyright laws have been in effect, there have been many cases claiming a violation of a copyright.  The first thing to understand about copyrights is that they are laws protecting the artistic creation of someone.  This would include books, paintings, photographs and songs, to name a few.  Sometimes the violation […]

When a video is taken down off YouTube

Have you ever heard of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)?  This Act was passed in 1998 and addresses copyright infringements on the internet.  The Act was intended to stop those who would circumvent the normal measures to be granted the rights to disseminate something online.  Everyday there are millions of people posting photos, quotes, […]

Shorter Copyright Lengths for Written Works?

Authors are currently up in arms about a proposed change in copyright law that would shorten the length of copyright to a meager 14 years. This proposal, included as part of the group’s manifesto for the next Parliament, comes from the Green Party of the United Kingdom, who contend that in order to achieve their […]

Patent Is as Patent Does

In 1999, a patent was granted to the popular online business Amazon for their 1-Click technology. This is also called one-click buying. More than likely you’ve seen it and used it. This particular process lets you purchase items online with a single click of your mouse. There’s no need to enter your shipping and billing […]

Is Happy Birthday to You copyrighted?

Candles are lit on the cake and your friends and family have gathered around you. So what happens next? They all sing “Happy Birthday to you”, naturally. Then candles are blown out, with or without help from someone and clapping begins. The cake is cut and served with ice cream. This scenario plays out over […]

Building the Perfect Employee Agreement

It’s sometimes very difficult to draft that perfect employee agreement – you know – the kind that fully protects your rights to intellectual property and inventions created by your employees while at the same time encouraging creativity.  Many employers mistakenly believe they should make the agreement overly broad – favoring their interests or make it […]

Intellectual Property: A Threat from Within

The most costly data breaches are usually those that are created by a malicious insider. These people normally have access to things external hackers generally don’t have access to, like intellectual property, which in turn allows them to get into areas only known to them and to have additional insight as to the areas most […]

Monkey’s Selfie Cannot be copyrighted

In a recent event, British photojournalist David Slater, has accused Wikipedia of copyright infringement when the organization allegedly refused to take down a photo taken by a monkey using the camera belonging to Slater. The picture in question is a selfie taken by a black Macaca Nigra monkey, who during a photo shoot in Indonesia […]

Infringing on Others’ Rights

Infringing of any kind over things such as products, trademarks, copyrights, patents and intellectual property is illegal. But some people have the idea that copying or reproducing something, or producing similar things that resemble the original is not infringing or violating. Is your product infringing on others’ exclusive rights? Is the question that should be […]

FBI Warns Healthcare Sector “Further Attacks Possible on Sensitive Data”

After the attack on the CHS network, which resulted in breach of the hospitals IP and put more than 4.5 million files worth of information of patients, who have taken treatment at the Community Health System hospitals for the past five years, at risk; the FBI has warned the sector that more malicious attacks can […]

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